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Welcome to the World of Organique

We are passionate about creating products inspired by nature that act upon the senses. Valuing high quality of life, we show how simple activities can be turned into exceptional rituals. Combining tradition with modernity, we help you to live a healthier and more beautiful life. We are constantly improving our components, and care about the naturalness of our products. Our cosmetics are free of strong and aggressive preservatives, cleaning and foaming agents that may cause skin irritations, dryness and hypersensitivity.

We are inspired by nature; that is why we endeavour to make the compositions of our cosmetics safe, gentle and effective at the same time.

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New Natural Products

Natural Cosmetics and You

Knowing how greatly cosmetics influence our senses: sight, smell and touch, we ensure that they are colourful and have velvety consistencies. Our cosmetics will let you change your everyday care activities into relaxing therapies and rituals. Every day, find a moment for yourself and relax, changing your bathroom and home into a spa. It will influence not only your skin but also mood. You will feel better with yourself and regain your inner balance.

When searching for the perfect therapy, think about the needs of your skin. Each therapy has a specific action profile and its regular use will provide the expected effects. The natural beauty lies in you. We only help you care for it.

Find time for yourself and discover the aromatic world of Organique.

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