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We are inspired by nature and, therefore, focus on making the compositions of our cosmetics safe, gentle and effective at the same time. In the products of Organique, you will find the wealth of extracts and ingredients of natural origin. We prepare our products with great care and attention to every detail. Most of our products are still handmade.

Knowing how greatly cosmetics influence our senses: sight, smell and touch, we go to every effort to make our products colourful, exceptionally scented and have pleasant and velvety consistencies. Appreciating the quality of life, we show how to change simple activities into exceptional therapies and rituals. Thanks to that, we help you care for the natural beauty of life every day.

When searching for the perfect therapy, think about the needs of your skin. Each therapy has a specific action profile and its regular use will provide the expected effects.

If you need a moment of relaxation combined with care, reach for our rituals. Compose your own sets following scents that you like and effects that you want to achieve. In our offer, you will find a whole range of bath, cleansing, care and always aroma therapeutic cosmetics. On the following pages, you will find therapies and rituals prepared by us with great care.

Organique offers a wide range of products body, face, hair, hand, feet and more which is dedicated for Spas, Day Spas, Spa Centres, Hotels, Salons and exclusive beauty salons. All willing to draw upon what is most precious in nature are welcome for our cooperation. We offer products of a very high content of natural ingredients: flowers, herbs, plant extracts, oils, butters and clays. We benefit from the wisdom and intuition of nature. We have an individual and a very flexible attitude towards every client.

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Organique Coffee Slimming Therapy (Body Butter, Serum, Sugar Peeling)Organique Dermo Expert Specialist Care of Sensitive Skin (Bust Balm, Stretch Mark Balm, Cellulite Balm)Organique Cleansing Face Therapy (Face Gel, Tonic, Enzymatic Peeling)Organique Intense Anti-Ageing / Grape Therapy (Sugar Peeling, Body Butter, Body Serum, Hand Cream)Organique Regenerating Therapy for Hands (Hand Cream, Hand Mask, Hand Serum, Butter for Cuticles)Organique Soothing Therapy for Feet (Foot Cream, Foot Mask, Foot Serum)