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Aleppo Soap 12-15%

  • Aleppo is a 100% natural soap; its main ingredients are olive oil and laurel oil. Its composition is free of: fragrance compositions, colourants, preservatives and any ingredients of animal origin. It is dedicated for every skin type, also skin that is prone to allergies and sensitivities. Olive oil, present in Aleppo, oils skin and cares for it. Laurel oil, on the other hand, is known for its anti-acne and antiseptic properties. It has cleansing, astringent and bactericide effects. It is very effective in treating eczema, psoriasis, irritation or allergic inflammations. It can be used for the care of skin of babies and pregnant women.

    The soap from Aleppo apart from the standard usage on the body, can be used as:

    – Hair shampoo (head skin moisturising and strengthening effect);

    – Face Mask (if left on the skin for about 3 minutes)

    Vegan & Vegetarian Cosmetic

    Organique Viva For Vegan & Vegetarian Organique Inspired By Nature   Organique Safe Formula

  • Aleppo has been traditionally and unchangeable made of a mix of olive oil and laurel oil for 2000 years in the city of Aleppo, Syria. The ritual of the soap making starts with the end of the harvest season in the olive groves. The resultant olive oil is boiled for a few days in special vats with an addition of soda received as a sea salt extract. In the end of slow boiling, the substance is enriched with laurel oil. After filtration and cooling, the soap – still green, is hand cut, marked and left in fresh air to get dried for a least 9 months. The characteristic beige colour is a result of oxidation of the soaps surface exposed to the fresh air and is a final indicator of the quality. The Aleppo Soap is fully natural. It does not contain any fragrant compositions, dyes, preservatives and any ingredients of animal origin. It has cleansing and astringent effects. It is very effective in soothing the skin. It can be used for the care of skin of babies and pregnant women.

    Olive Oil – one of the oldest oils used in cosmetology (some sources claim the oldest one). Used in preparations for a face, body, hair as well as hands and nails. It has an intensive fragrance. Recommended for care of mature skin, dull skin and smoker’s skin. The oil soothes and deeply moisturises. Olive oil is also an invaluable oiling and strengthening ingredient in preparations for dry and damaged hair as well as fragile and breakable nails.

    Laurel Oil – known for centuries, oil of noble laurel of a dark green colour and an intensive fragrance. At room temperature, it has a solid consistency. It has cleansing and lifting effects. 

  • Apply to selected parts of cleansed and dry skin, massage gently.


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