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Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 100ml

  • Ecocert-certified Coconut oil is 100% organic. It’s derived from coconuts which are pressed. The coconut palm is called “the tree of life” in Asia, and this is for a reason. Fruits of this palm contain the great number of useful ingredients (vitamins B, C, E; fatty acids, calcium, potassium, zinc and iron). This product is widely used as the ingredient for skin care products (creams, shampoos, masks, scrubs, conditioners, peelings, clays, lotions etc). Coconut Oil is especially beneficial for people with the overly sensitive, easily irritated skin. It provides the moisturising, regenerating effect. It can even slow down the process of the skin aging. The product can be used every day and  as a after-tan lotion. The texture of coconut oil is very pleasant, like a velvet and the oil has an appetising scent.

    Coconut is a fruit of a coconut palm which grows mainly in Asia and Polynesia. It belongs to the class of fruit drupe, it can weight even 2.5 kg. In Asia, coconut is also used in traditional medicine for many illnesses, and coconut palm is called the "tree of life". The coconut flesh may be eaten raw, it is often desiccated; coconut milk is also very popular.

    The price of oil is influenced by its quality and  by the way it is obtained. A good coconut oil is natural, cold pressed, with a typical coconut scent. The cheaper, most common oil is obtained by heating and pressing the flesh (copra), deacidifying and bleaching it.

    Organic oil with EcoCert certificate, obtained by cold pressing of the flesh of fresh coconuts.

  • The oil perfectly moisturises, regenerates, soothes, prevents skin dryness and helps slows down the ageing process. It is recommended for daily use, after bath, after sunbathing, also as a base for nourishing massage. The velvety consistency and natural coconut scent make the cosmetic application pleasant.

    NOTE: protect from UV radiation, store at room temperature.

    Vegan & Vegetarian Cosmetic

    Organique Viva For Vegan & Vegetarian Organique Inspired By Nature  Organique Safe Formula

  • Rinse your skin with water, warm up several drops of the oil in your hands and then apply it directly.

    For hair-care procedures, apply several drops of coconut oil on the dry hair and leave it for 1 hour. Then wash your hair with the shampoo.

    For massage, warm up the needed amount of the oil in your hands, apply it on the skin and rub it in.

    This oil can be added as the ingredient to other cosmetic products and its scent adds up some sweet notes into scents of other products (for example, the chocolate line cosmetic products).


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