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Dead Sea Mud 330g

  • Anti-Cellulite, Detoxicating, Slimming

    The cosmetic mud is obtained in Jordan, in the south-western shores of the dead Sea. It is a product of the highest quality, free of any contamination and chemical pollution. After obtaining the mud it is sterilized, hence it can be safely used on the entire body, as well as face treatments. It is a natural product rich in valuable minerals and trace elements of invaluable properties for skin. It includes concentration of compounds of natural silicone, magnesium, potassium, iron, iodine, bromine, sodium, fluorine, aluminium and many others which are beneficial to the skin.The mud therapy strongly detoxifies and cleanses the skin. It brings relief to tense skin, makes it feel younger, mineralises, improves tone and condition and also has aides in slimming and reduces the look of cellulite.

    Organique Viva For Vegan & Vegetarian Organique Inspired By Nature  Organique Safe Formula

  • Use as a heated  body mask, or in a body wrap. After 20 minutes, rinse off the mask and massage with body butter or body lotion.

  • MARIS LIMUS EXTRACT (Pure Dead Sea Mud)

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