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Savon Noir Classic 200ml

  • Natural Soap from Black Olives and Olive Oil (Cleanses, Oils, Moisturises)

    A unique, natural soap in the form of a dark paste. Traditionally manufactured in Morocco of black olives and olive oil, used in traditional baths of Hammam to cleanse skin. It can create a dense, velvety foam which effectively cleanses skin of impurities and dead skin cells. It has softening and slightly ex-foliating effects, moisturises, reduces discomfort caused by skin dehydration. It is extremely gentle for even most sensitive skin.

    Savon Noir is a 100% natural product, extracted  from olives. Various appearance of the final product depends on time of harvest, season, type of olive. The product's colour is not standardized; acceptable colour: from dark brown to green.


    - wash and care of body and face skin (every skin type, even very sensitive and allergic ones)

    - for a bath and washing young children and babies (also for washing babies' clothes)

    - necessary in HAMMAM treatments (cleansing with KESSA glove, foam massage) and other cosmetic applications.

    Vegan & Vegetarian Cosmetic

    Organique Viva For Vegan & Vegetarian Organique Inspired by Nature  Organique Safe Formula

  • Apply a small amount of soap on a damp sponge or directly onto the skin. Massage in circular motion to get foam, then rinse off with warm water.

    Caution: avoid contact with eyes.


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